Henrik Fisker is either a glutton for punishment or hopelessly in love with automobiles. OK, he’s likely both. The talented designer behind the iconic BMW Z8 made his big solo splash a decade ago when he launched the Fisker Karma , a spectacular, if ill-fated, plug-in hybrid. Cue Chapter 2. A few years back, Fisker promised customers a rakish electric Tesla-fighter dubbed the EMotion, which would come with a 400-mile range, gullwing doors and a $130,000 price tag. But that’s now been back-burnered in favor of the Ocean, an EV SUV that aims to steal market share from similar products from Audi, Jaguar and, soon, Tesla. The vehicle—with a claimed 300-mile range—is due in late 2021and will, reportedly, cost less than $40,000. An Ocean prototype, however, will greet visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the beginning of January. Prior to the unveiling, the company recently touted the Ocean’s new California Mode. What is California Mode, you ask? Think Woody wagons, with surfboards hanging out the back. Specifically, the feature automatically lowers and slides nine glass windows and panels at the touch of a button. The Fisker Ocean Electric SUV. Fisker says the mode was inspired […]


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