© Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs The country’s leading organic egg brand has created the industry’s first reusable egg carton. If you have zero-waste in mind when you do your shopping, egg cartons may not seem the worst of the waste. Paper pulp cartons can be recycled or composted; PET plastic ones are made of recycled plastic (often bottles) and can be recycled again. But consider this: Hens in the United States last year produced 95.3 billion table eggs. Assuming those eggs all got dozen-sized cartons and applying some rough math, all those eggs would require around 8 billion cartons a year. That is so many cartons. The thing about eggs is that they are fragile, and so we rely on that packaging to minimize food waste. The idea of going to the supermarket and buying eggs in bulk using a reusable container seems unworkable – but now, Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs is making a go of it with the introduction of the industry’s first reusable egg carton. The company says that the initiative is an effort to further reduce the environmental impacts of its packaging and inspire consumers to adopt new behaviors to lessen their carbon footprint. […]


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