California-based automotive company Neuron EV has unveiled the TORQ, a fully electric semi-truck. TORQ was designed to abolish greenhouse gas emissions and usher in an industry of cleaner commercial transportation, according to the automaker. The announcement of TORQ comes as automakers like Hyundai and Tesla are releasing their own electric semi-trucks. The truck can now be reserved on Neuron EV’s website. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories . Automotive company Neuron EV has announced the TORQ, its first fully-electric semi-truck. The unveiling comes at a time in which more automakers have been diving into the idea and production of fully-electric semi-trucks. A few months ago, Hyundai unveiled a semi-truck concept that runs on hydrogen . And next year, Tesla plans to begin its production of the Semi . While Neuron EV may not be as big of a name as Hyundai and Tesla, the California-based startup is still contributing to the new electric semi-truck revolution. "The Neuron EV TORQ is a monumental leap forward in transitioning semi-trucks into the electric vehicle age," the automaker wrote in a statement . Neuron EV claims it "sets new standards in clean energy vehicles" by designing TORQ to abolish greenhouse gas emissions […]


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