Jeanette Jackson, CEO of Foresight, addresses the EcoCity Conference in Vancouver in October 2019. Photo by Foresight They want to reform the landscape of B.C.’s clean-tech industry. In a small office tucked away in Burnaby, Jeanette Jackson sits with her clean-teach accelerator team every day, thinking of big ideas. Specifically, she and the others at Foresight want to make the province a collective hub for clean-tech companies to grow. They want companies to work together, rather than in isolation, to drive the industry forward. In the business world, this innovation hub is called a “clean-tech cluster.” In her technical definition, Jackson described a cluster as “a very strong foundational ecosystem that supports the rapid scale-up or acceleration of growth of a particular sector.” But in her colloquial definition, she said it’s working with “an element of co-operation and greater-good thinking” to create success. A combined heat and power system at the UBC Bioenergy Research Demonstration Facility, one of the labs Foresight connects companies with. Photo by Don Erhardt Particularly in an up-and-coming sector like clean-tech, she said, it can be hard for young small and medium-sized clean-tech businesses to get the capital they need to spread their technologies on […]


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