People walk across the bridge near Little Raven Court in downtown Denver. Younger Americans increasingly prefer to live in walkable neighborhoods. Helen H. Richardson / The Denver Post via Getty Images By David B. Goldstein Energy efficiency is the cornerstone of any country’s plan to fight the climate crisis. It is the cheapest option available, and one that as often as not comes along with other benefits, such as job creation, comfort and compatibility with other key solutions such as renewable energy . This has been recognized by the International Energy Agency (IEA) for at least a decade. Unfortunately, though, the benefits of energy efficiency have been slow to rise to the consciousness of the government (and business) leaders that need to take bold actions to make it happen. Thus the need for IEA’s new Energy Efficiency Report to be published and read. The IEA Energy Efficiency Report 2019 shows we are falling behind our goals, worldwide , while pointing out that efficiency continues to present exceptional opportunities . The opportunities range across the whole global economy, from constructing or repairing buildings to use much less (or even zero) energy while improving comfort , to allowing the construction of […]


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