Public Domain KLM They say it reduces CO2 emissions by 80 percent. Does it really? UPDATE: See addendum at bottom. It probably does. KLM is the oldest airline in the world still flying under its original Royal Dutch Airways name for a hundred years now. Like other airlines, they are trying to figure out how to cope with a future where we have to reduce our carbon footprint and where flight-shaming is becoming a thing. Now they are trying biofuels; Neste, a Finnish maker of renewable diesel and other fuels, is now supplying KLM with "sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)" made from used cooking oil, which will "reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80 percent compared to fossil kerosene." From the press release: The quantity of SAF will be blended with fossil fuel and is entirely certified according to the conventional specification for aviation fuel (ASTM), meeting the same quality and safety requirements. The blend will be supplied to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and is being treated completely as a drop-in fuel using the existing conventional fuel infrastructure, pipeline, and storage and hydrant system. In this way, sustainable aviation fuel contributes to reducing CO2 emissions from flights taking off from Amsterdam […]


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