By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory California revised its animal rights laws and is set to become the first state in the US which will ban the manufacture, sale, and purchase of the fur products of certain wild animals. It has also banned most animals for entertainment and circus performances and is likely to be the third star to do so. Such has been agreed on after Gavin Newsom, the governor signed a pair of bills for the same on October 13th. The sale and manufacture of clothes, handbags, belts or shoes with fur are to cease from 2023. Many animal rights groups approved of this as a great step against inhumane practices towards the wild animals leading to their endangerment. It did face repercussions from the US fur industry yet the law remains intact for a place like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Also read: Activists Use 3D Whale “Trapped” In Back Of Truck To Protest SeaWorld Abuse However, products made for tribal people or religious purposes are excluded from this law. For example, the sale of cat and dog fur, leather, skins of sheep, goat, and deerskin and the like are excluded from this law. So are […]


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