In the cities of the future, it will not be possible for everyone to drive their own car. But, according to the City of Bergen, it does not mean that a city centre must be car-free. On 8 May, Bergen opened the first of what will be many mobility hubs – the first city in Norway to do so. “The core of the hub is made up of permanent, reserved parking spaces for car-sharing cars – primarily electric ones. In addition, mobility hubs are located in close proximity to public transportation and ride-sharing stops, and offer secure bicycle parking, access to city bikes and chargers for electric vehicles,” says Lars Ove Kvalbein, mobility adviser at the Agency for Urban Environment, City of Bergen . Two mobility hubs are already in operation in Bergen, and eight to nine others will soon be opened. “The main objective of mobility hubs is to provide a focal point for and access to different modes of green transportation, so that these become a genuinely competitive alternative to owning and driving a private car,” explains Kvalbein. Critical to making Bergen emission-free Mobility hubs are essential to achieving Bergen’s vision of an emission-free city centre by […]


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