Singapore is a small, populous island that is 100% urbanized. And yet, it’s also one of the greenest cities in the world. Travelers all over the world are excited to spend some time in the greenery of Singapore. In the year 1963, Lee Kuan Yew announced a Tree Planting Day. To date, tree planting is still a trend, and people are still planting trees contributing to this green metropolitan. However, the greatness of this city is not limited to the green streets. The entire island has initiated an eco-friendly lifestyle The more Singapore became a part of this green revolution with its eco-friendly developments, the more substantial corporations moved in. Many big companies, such as Prudential and Facebook, moved their offices to the new complex in Singapore. The offices are combined with solar panels for power, solar tubes for hot water, harvesting of rainwater and certain floor levels lined fully with green plants, the complex is green in every sense of the word. Reports say that this workspace is much more than the traditional office. Regardless, developers keep coming to Singapore looking to be part of the green movement. Marina One is a famous mixed development project at the […]


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