In the early 2000s, BP billed itself as "beyond petroleum." The company "strongly rejects" the new greenwashing allegation and says one purpose of its latest campaign is "to let people know about some of the possibilities” to advance to a low-carbon future. Credit: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images Environmental lawyers have made their boldest move to date against "greenwashing" in advertising campaigns by oil and gas companies. ClientEarth, a non-profit legal group, submitted an official complaint under international guidelines on Tuesday arguing that the oil giant BP is misleading consumers about its low-carbon credentials in recent advertisements—the company’s first global campaign in 10 years. The ads, which emphasize BP’s role in the transition to cleaner energy, create a "potentially misleading impression" that distracts the public from their core business of hydrocarbons, ClientEarth said. "BP is spending millions on an advertising campaign to give the impression that it’s racing to renewables, that its gas is cleaner and that it is part of the climate solution," said Sophie Marjanac, a lawyer at ClientEarth. "This is a smokescreen." Our stories. Your inbox. Every weekend. The complaint, submitted to the British authority that handles alleged breaches of rules on corporate conduct set by the OECD, […]


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