CC BY 2.0 It’s a battery in an orb/ Lloyd Alter Ampere Energy has developed a battery that fits in your minimalist apartment. TreeHugger’s Melissa goes on about the benefits of putting plants in your home, but for those more into technology than botany, Ampere Energy now offers the Sphere S, a power plant that’s designed for small spaces. In Europe, many people live in small spaces, and may not have a garage where they can hang a Tesla Powerwall, so instead they can sit the Sphere S right in their living room. © Ampere Energy This system is perfect for properties such as apartments with moderate energy consumption. Thanks to its attractive and compact design, it can be installed anywhere as an additional decorative element. It seems to me that if I was living in a small space, I would want it to be a cube that I could use as a coffee table, but this is a lot more fun; I could fondle it like Woody Allen did with the orbs in Sleeper . And like Marvin, the orb in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie, this one is really smart: Smart batteries store the excess […]


  1. Hi,

    I have a question.

    It says that it will store the excess energy from the solar panels but I’m not sure where are these solar panels?

    If this was in my lounge, it probably won’t get direct sun light so much.

    So how is it? Is it connected to solar panels outside somewhere on the roof or what?

    Looking forward to you reply.



    • Hi Delina,
      I think that this assumes the owner has already installed solar panels on their home. In reality this is simply a large, very attractive battery, similar to the Tesla PowerWall. I agree with the writer that while it is attractive it doesn’t make a lot of sense. An orb sitting in your living room? It would require power cables and if someone doesn’t have enough room for a PowerWall, I wonder if they’d be able to spare the space for one of these. Still, it is a nice design exercise and here we are discussing the darn thing. I’m sure they will sell a lot of their wall mounted units just because of the publicity this thing got!

      • Yeah, i hear you. It’s funny that. Advertising and marketing works in such a strange way. I think we all should just do what we love doing and then everything else will work.
        thank you for responding and clarifying.


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