Former US secretary of state and Democratic senator John Kerry has launched a new coalition of powerbrokers, including top politicians, military leaders, and Hollywood celebrities, to fight for addressing the climate crisis . Trump heads to UK for Nato summit as impeachment deadline looms – live Read more This coalition – named World War Zero , in reference to the national security danger presented by global heating – aims to convince people that rapid mobilization is required to halt the increase in carbon emissions within 30 years. According to United Nations scientists , global carbon emissions must be halved by 2030 – and eliminated completely by 2050 – to restrict warming to comparatively safe levels. The US and China are the top polluters in the world. While other countries are working to bolster the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate, Donald Trump has withdrawn the US from the pact. The bipartisan bloc includes Democratic presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, as well as moderate Republicans such as former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the New York Times reported. Celebrities such as Sting, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ashton Kutcher are also among the some 60 original members, the newspaper said. Participants might favor […]


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