It’s the holiday season, which means parties galore! If you’re hosting this season, these eco-friendly tips will make an impact on your guests, not the environment: Facebook events are becoming the norm for party invites, but if your holiday party is a bit more formal, you might want an invitation to match. However, printing multiple invitations that will most likely be tossed after the party (no offense) is a wasteful use of paper. There are several websites, like this one or this one , that make elegant cards, comparable in style to your mailed variety, with less cost to your bank account and the environment. It’s easy to believe that sprucing your space with natural décor, like cut flowers, is environmentally friendly. But think outside of the vase. Those flowers from your supermarket are often wrapped in cellophane, which, though biodegradable, often still ends up in landfills. When trapped in landfills without oxygen, the cellophane will release methane , a greenhouse gas that can warm the environment. The flowers themselves do the same thing when thrown in the trash rather than composted. Gathering greenery and wildflowers from outside can create beautiful tablescapes, without the environmental impacts. After they die, […]


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