COVINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Christmas is just a couple weeks away and the kids probably have the typical items on the list. Rather than video games or the latest electronics, why not give the gift of getting back to nature? "A lot of times we’re inundated with technologies and screens and a lot of indoor and sterile environment inside. We need to remind everybody to get outside and play." That’s the take-home message Lackawanna College ecology and biology instructor Casie Berkhouse has for kids taking part in the third annual Winter Nature Camp. The two-day camp takes place on December 27 and December 28 at the Lackawanna College Environmental Education Center. "This camp is focused on science experiments, so we really check out the dynamic of what’s going on around us," Berkhouse said. "So we can use these materials here and check out how they react to the snow. Will they melt? Will they completely disintegrate? Will you even be able to tell that they’re there by the time camp is over? … I’d have you take one and say where do you think the warmest habitat would be? If you were an animal where would you want to […]


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