A new eco-friendly vodka, created for the first time using the hydrogenation of carbon dioxide to make ethanol. Vodka made from thin air by Air Co., Brooklyn, New York. Image courtesy of Staff Sheehan, Air Co. In a global effort to discover innovative and practical solutions to greenhouse gas-induced climate change, a number of novel chemistry and engineering approaches have emerged that enable CO 2 to be recycled into a cornucopia of products ranging from plastics and pharmaceuticals, to fertilizers and concrete, and even aviation and clean diesel fuels. While not a panacea for the 40 gigatons of CO 2 injected annually into the earth’s atmosphere, successful implementation of all technologies for converting CO 2 to value-added products could reduce emissions by about 5%. There has emerged, however, one particularly innovative, and perhaps “happier”, solution to our climate change problem: eco-friendly vodka made from CO 2 and H 2 O—an interesting new approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Let’s drink to that! This intoxicating notion has recently gained momentum in the form of a legal distillery christened Air Co. , a start-up company located and operating out of Brooklyn, run by two young entrepreneurial visionaries, scientists, and businessmen, Stafford […]


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