© K Martinko – A souvenir stand inside the Old City gates of Jerusalem By all means, shop when you visit foreign countries, but do it thoughtfully. "One of the best ways to do good on a trip is to buy stuff and pay people." This advice comes from Bert Archer, in an article written for G Adventures. He explains how not all souvenir shopping is bad, and that money can be an effective instrument of change when travelling in a foreign country. Not only does it leave you with a memento, but it also gives something back to the people of the country that have hosted you. But not all souvenirs are created equal. How does one navigate the confusing world of souvenir shops, the question of authenticity, the debate over price, the pushy street vendors? Archer offers some advice, and I’ve also dug around some other ethical travel sites for suggestions. What follows is a list of ideas for how to make souvenir shopping a more beneficial experience for everyone involved. 1. Authenticity matters less than you think. Archer wants travellers to fret less about whether an item is made the way it’s always been made and […]


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