The Nikola Corporation is making a push into the EU with partner trucking company IVECO after the pair showed off the design model of the battery electric version of the Nikola TRE for European customers. Launching the battery electric Nikola TRE gives Nikola a bridge to the hydrogen-powered future the team envisions as the reality of the investment and lead time required for hydrogen to manifest in the global transportation marketplace are realized. Leveraging An Existing Force In Trucking The TRE is based on the new to market IVECO S-Way and carries forward many of the same design queues, but with Nikola badging. “The IVECO S-WAY is a stand-out product, which embodies IVECO’s concept of customer-centricity and has already gained momentum in the markets with well-deserved success,” Gerrit Marx, President Commercial and Specialty Vehicles at IVECO said. “It is the bones of the Nikola TRE and marks the beginning of a new journey towards zero-emissions trucking, providing the platform for us to introduce disruptive features that will change the transport industry.” The Nikola TRE. Image courtesy: Nikola Corporation Having teased both customers in the US and now in the EU with the model of the TRE, the new battery […]


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