CC BY 2.0 Presenting the top ten products at Greenbuild/ Lloyd Alter I am beside myself with excitement over drywall and linoleum. Almost every year I look at the BuildingGreen top ten products for the upcoming year and wonder, how can I make this interesting or exciting? They are sometimes as boring as watching paint dry. One year it actually was about paint drying. This year at Greenbuild they tried to make it even less exciting by putting the presentation in a drab corner of the hall with little screens and lots of ambient noise, but Brent Ehrlich and Nadav Malin made the best of it. And really, there is some interesting and important stuff going on here. My top picks of the top ten: USG Sheetrock Brand EcoSmart Panels © Firecode X generates 20% less CO2 during manufacturing than standard 5/8" Type X and is lighter, saving transportation energy./ USG Corporation I mean, what can you say about a pile of drywall? Actually, quite a bit, and when you look closely, you realize that it is not boring at all. It can be quite exciting. Anyone who has ever hung a sheet of Type X drywall would be […]


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