What would the world look like in 2040 if we actually implement the solutions for climate change that already exist in 2019? It’s a story that’s less often told than that of future catastrophe, and it’s the premise of a new documentary called 2040 from Australian filmmaker Damon Gameau, who tells the story by introducing us to his 4-year-old daughter, then visualizing in detail how technology could change by the time she’s 25. “I’m calling it an exercise in fact-based dreaming,” he says in the film. The inspiration for the film came from his daughter. “First and foremost, I was feeling completely overwhelmed as a parent about the state of the planet ecologically, and just the constant torrent of bad news that we’re getting about it and what the projections were going to be for our daughter,” he tells Fast Company . “I really grappled with how I was going to have a conversation with her as she got older about what’s going on.” He spent eight months talking to scientists and other experts about solutions before filming began, and realized that many of them are little known outside of the startups that are attempting to bring them to […]


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