The CanO Water aluminium packaged water brand. The cans have been shipped in from Europe, where the water is sourced. Image: CanO Water A brand of packaged water that claims to be “infinitiely recyclable” is launching in Singapore, and has set its sights on replacing single-use plastic bottles, one of the most common marine litter items. The aluminium-based CanO Water brand, conceived in the United Kingdom four years ago, will be launched around Christmas time in upmarket supermarket chain Cold Storage, salad bar SaladStop!, online retailer RedMart, and healthy snack vending machine operator Boxgreen. The brand will also be available at 11 branches of an undisclosed large hotel group in Singapore that is phasing out single-use plastic bottles in its guest rooms. The cans, which are black or white in colour, will be on sale in two varieties—one disposable option with an aluminium ring pull, the other with a plastic resealable cap, enabling the can to be refilled and reused, just like a plastic water bottle. Our target market is anyone who buys plastic packaged water. I drink water using a refillable container every day, but the reality is I’m in the minority [in Singapore]. CanO Water is likely […]


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