The female turtles’ mass arrival to nest on the same beach they were born is known as an arribada. Vanessa Bezy/YouTube With the advent of drones, we have unprecedented access to wildlife phenomena that we wouldn’t normally see. This privilege is highlighted in new footage of what may be the largest swarm of sea turtles ever caught on camera, and it’s breathtaking. Every year, hundreds of thousands of female sea turtles make their way to Costa Rica’s Ostional National Wildlife Refuge to lay their eggs on the beach. Established in 1983 as a protected area specifically for the turtles, it’s thought the refuge is home to the second-largest gathering of turtles in the world. Only Mexico’s Oaxaca has more during egg-laying season. This particular swarm of sea turtles, mostly olive ridleys , accumulating out at sea was filmed by biologist Vanessa Bézy back in November 2016. Bézy, who has studied these mass arrivals – known as arribadas – for years, quickly realized she had caught something special on camera. “I immediately knew there was something special going on,” Bézy told National Geographic . “To this day I’m still blown away by the video. They look like bumper cars out […]


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