Gas Guzzling A new algae bioreactor can suck as much carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere as roughly an acre of forest — potentially giving dense cities a new weapon in the fight against catastrophic climate change. Development firm Hypergiant Industries used AI systems to make its newly-announced Eos Bioreactor prototype, a 63-cubic foot box which is filled with algae. The startup says it takes in as much carbon as 400 trees and keeps it out of the environment. Looming Threat It’s a somber reality that carbon capture technology could be a crucial part of our fight against climate change, but no one has figured out how to build a carbon capture system at a large enough scale to be practical. Algae bioreactors take a biological approach to carbon sequestration. Already an established concept — one’s being tested at the International Space Station — the algae thrives on carbon dioxide emissions. The algae could theoretically then be harvested for use as a material or a source of dietary protein. Open Source A Hypergiant spokesperson told Futurism that the company plans to release the blueprints for its system so that people can come up with new variants that might be […]


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