In an effort to be more environmentally responsible, LEGO have said they aim to stop manufacturing bricks made of plastic resin and are considering other options, which could include hemp. According to Telegraph World, the company makes 60 billion blocks a year. While LEGO want to replace the harmful plastic used in their products, they also require the new material to meet the high standards that allow the blocks to work as they always have, especially with the effective “clicking” together is a key aspect of the iconic coloured block. In 2015, they established the LEGO Sustainable Materials Centre in order to research other options for its product and packaging. “There is no common definition of a sustainable material. Several factors influence the environmental sustainability of a material – the composition of the material, how it is sourced and what happens when the product reaches the end of its life. When we search for new materials all of these factors must be considered,” said Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO and President of the LEGO Group. One material that has been floated as a possible alternative has been hemp. 420 Magazine motivated in their article that hemp could be a good […]


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