100 Trash Barriers are being installed in Bali. Make A Change In recent years, Bali has been called the trash island of the world ever since a British diver recorded himself in one of the island’s most iconic dive spots fully surrounded in plastics. In December 2017, the Balinese Government even declared a trash emergency. With 80 percent of plastic pollution in our ocean coming from rivers and streams, Make A Change is launching the Sungai Watch project which will place 100 trash booms around Bali along with the environmental startup Plastic Fischer to protect the island of paradise. Sungai Watch is Make A Change’s newest project aimed at tackling the alleyways of plastic pollution, our rivers. "In the last 10 years, we have launched expeditions in some of the world’s most polluted rivers and have seen first hand the urgent need of action. So to celebrate ten years of hard work, we are excited to be giving back to where it all started, Bali" says Gary Bencheghib, founder of Make A Change. With the support of Bintang, they are launching their 3 first river booms in tributaries of the Ayung river, Bali’s most important waterway. The river booms […]


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