You are here: Home » Uncategorized » Looking for an excuse to leave your yard messy? Stick one of these signs in it and tell your neighbors to relax… you’re just doing your part to save endangered species. Most American yards serve no purpose other than a status symbol. The greener our weedless grass, the more successful we imagine ourselves to be in the eyes of our neighbors. But, other than aesthetics, what good does a lawn do? It requires so many herbicides and synthetic fertilizers, you can’t even play, sit or lay on it without getting a rash or exposing yourself to cancer-causing chemicals. Not only are lawns not useful to humans, they’re not useful to countless other species of animals, who’re going extinct because they’re losing more and more habitat to lawns and corn. So why not transform your yard — front and back — into a wildlife habitat that provides food for you, insects and other animals who want to live in harmony with us? “Wildlife need our help,” it says on the National Wildlife Federation’s website. “Human activity has eliminated habitat, locally, and on the global scale.” You can make a difference, the organization says, […]


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