Bouteilles en verre In just a few months, Fairfax County’s new glass-recycling program is reportedly getting great results. Since the county started its “Purple Can Club” last spring, 2.8 million pounds of glass have been dropped off in special collection bins, one official said. “That’s over 1,400 tons, which is a substantial amount of glass that’s actually getting recycled now — when before, it basically ended up in the waste stream, even though it was going in the recycle bin,” said Eric Forbes, director of recycling, engineering and environmental compliance for the Fairfax County Solid Waste Management Program. In the past, glass would get broken when mixed with other recyclables, according to the county. Once that happens, it is a lot harder to separate from other items. On Oct. 1, the county stopped collecting glass from curbside recycling bins. Since then, residents had to instead drop off glass items in collecting bins set up at various locations. Several bins were put in place last spring, and Forbes said the county is up to 14 bins in all now. In addition, Forbes said the county has been forced to empty out bins more frequently. “We started out thinking we could […]


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