Stefanie Penn Spear, a Cleveland-based environmental advocate, has just announced that she’ll join eXXpedition ’s upcoming voyage to raise awareness and explore solutions to the environmental and health impacts of single-use plastics. Founded in 2014, eXXpedition is "a global network of multidisciplinary women who can contribute to world-class scientific studies, explore solutions and use their unique skill sets to tackle the problem from all angles." For eXXpedition Round the World 2019-2021, a series of 30 voyages, 300 women will sail around the world to look at the impact of plastic and toxics in global seas. In total, the group will sail 38,000 nautical miles. In addition to Spear, the crew includes scientists, sailors, filmmakers, artists, product designers and teachers. Because women are so underrepresented in sailing and STEM careers, eXXpedition seeks to provide female role models in these fields. Spear will participate in the stretch of the trip that goes from Panama City to the Galapagos Islands at the end of January, and she hopes the trip will inspire local high school students to take action and consider ways of reducing plastic pollution in the Central Lake Erie Basin and Cuyahoga River. “When I first read about eXXpedition’s Round […]


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