Cosmetics and beauty retailer, Lush , deeply cares about environmental issues, which is evident in their packaging and raw materials. Lush stores use as little packaging as possible and even give customers the choice to forgo it completely for most products. The loose products and help-yourself openness of the store is something you definitely won’t see in a Walmart. Beyond packaging, products like their shampoo bars even have made a significant impact on decreasing plastic use. The bars are entirely plastic-free, which the company projects saves nearly 6 million plastic bottles globally. Lush stores can be found around the world, but if there isn’t one near you, you can easily purchase online. Reformation takes sustainability as seriously as they do fashion. The company has a unique methodology called "Refscale," which tracks the company’s environmental footprint so consumers can see what the impact each garment had on the environment—everything from pounds of carbon dioxide emitted to gallons of water used. Consumers have access to this information to help them make informed decisions while shopping—they don’t stop there, though. Reformation also invests back in resources they’ve used to produce their products. The company has partnered with the Brazilian Rosewood Amazon Conservation […]


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