Over time, most gadgets slowly stop working well. They fail to hold a battery charge. Parts break. Many devices are nearly impossible or prohibitively expensive to repair. Plus, they’re not nearly as cool as new ones that were just released. Much of the electronics industry has bought into short life cycles for products. It’s a profitable business model: If things regularly break, customers have to come back and buy another one when their current cell phone or speaker or computer begins to fail. But this mindset that electronics should be built to last for a short period of time before being discarded has contributed to a colossal amount of e-waste. A 2019 report from the UN found that e-waste is the fastest-growing type of waste in the world ; in 2018 alone, 53.5 million tons of e-waste were dumped into landfills. How do you address this problem? The speaker company Sonos has a very simple solution, one that just might make your Sonos speaker one of the most environmentally friendly devices that you use: Make products that last for a very long time. Today, Sonos estimates that of all the millions of devices the company has sold in its […]


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