There’s something sad about an article of clothing reaching the end of its life. After the fabric wears out and it develops a couple of holes, its owner will throw it in the trash. The garment will then sit in a landfill, where the organic fibers will biodegrade and the synthetic ones will just degrade into tiny particles, never fully decomposing. Patagonia is trying to make the afterlife of its garments more exciting: When a customer begins to spot wear and tear on a puffer jacket or fleece vest, they can bring it back to a Patagonia store to have it repaired. If they don’t use the item much anymore, they can give it back to Patagonia, which will refurbish it and sell it on Worn Wear , a marketplace of second-hand products that launched in 2017. But what about pieces that are truly beyond repair? Those are the clothes Patagonia is focusing on with the launch of a new line called ReCrafted . [Photo: courtesy Patagonia] The line takes worn-out, damaged goods and transforms them into entirely new, one-of-a-kind products at a workshop in Los Angeles. Each item in the ReCrafted collection is made up of between three […]


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