Abigail Disney , the granddaughter of a Walt Disney Co. co-founder, is calling out her fellow Baby Boomers for their reaction to the viral phrase “OK, boomer.” The phrase has become a statement of derision, one used by younger generations on social media to dismiss complaints and opinions from individuals born between 1946 and 1964. And boomers, for the most part, hate it . But Disney said they need to get over it: 1/ Can I just say this about "OK Boomer"? What the hell is wrong with you/us boomers?? When did you get so easily triggered? Face up to the fact that the world is changing fast but you are not. You are old. You are not irrelevant yet. But you are less relevant every day. — Abigail Disney (@abigaildisney) November 10, 2019 2/ And the more often you object to Millenials’ understandable resentment toward a generation that has selfishly poisoned their water, blown past every climate warning so they could drive their stupid hummers, and looked away or worse for…. — Abigail Disney (@abigaildisney) November 10, 2019 3/ Sexual, racial and economic injustice, the more you prove their point that you just don’t understand anything of value […]


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