It is difficult to offer a vegan leather alternative without using synthetic materials such as plastic that are bad for the environment, but a New Mexican brand by the name of Desserto has found a way to do just that with the help of the nopal cactus. Desserto has found a way to create organic and cruelty-free leather that is both durable and beautiful. This innovation is the first of its kind and has the potential to transform the leather industry and put it on the path to sustainability. Partners Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez first debuted their pioneering brand, Desserto, at the International Leather Fair Lineapelle roughly one month ago. The launch of their product has caused a buzz and made many sustainable junkies, prick up their ears with interest. A little taste of Desserto design | Made in Italy with Mexican Cactus Leather #cactusleather #veganleather #adrianodimarti A post shared by DESSERTO (@desserto.pelle) on Oct 2, 2019 at 11:38am PDT The leather produced from their Mexico-based cactus farms is not only sustainable but also partially biodegradable, durable yet soft and high quality. While it is currently being used for mostly for luggage, the material has the potential […]


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