Forrest Gump liked to say, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you aren’t likely to end up there.” On November 5, in Zwickau, Germany, Reinhard de Vries, executive director of production and logistics for Volkswagen in Saxony, laid out his company’s plan for manufacturing electric cars, chapter and verse. Can we have the first slide, please? Here we see how the ID.3 fits in with the history of the company. (Note: all slides courtesy of Volkswagen.) For those of you who have been asking about pricing for the ID.3, the next slide has the best information available on that subject. The factory in Zwickau used to build Golf and Golf Variant models. One of two production lines has been shut down and converted to electric car production. The other is scheduled to shut down — what Volkswagen calls “end of production” — next year, at which time it will also be converted to electric car production. The company plans to introduce 6 new models for its Volkswagen, SEAT, and Audi brands at the rate of one every 3 to 6 months on its way to building 330,000 electric cars in Zwickau by 2021. Volkswagen is taking aggressive steps […]


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