© Robert Przybysz From sleep aids to pain relievers, here’s how to grow your own natural remedies. There is a lot to be thankful for when it comes to modern medicine. Yet at the same time, we have done with it what we humans seem to do with everything: Pushed it right off the rails. Yes, it saves lives, but it is also a runaway train, with big pharma leading us to catastrophes like opioid addiction and antibiotic resistance. Where did we go wrong? It used to be that we relied on the plant kingdom to cure and heal – and it’s no surprise that so many drugs today are synthesized versions of plants. I mean, this 10th-century Anglo Saxon potion , for example, kills the MRSA superbug, for heaven’s sake. Practitioners of non-Western medicine have always used plants as medicine – and there is a lot the rest of us can learn. What does that mean for those who can forage in the wild or have a plot of dirt in which to grow things? Well, we can grow plants that can make us feel better! Natural remedies from the plant world work wonders, so why not grow […]


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