The shipping industry is in turmoil like never before. Sulfur caps. Recycling regulations. Cyber attacks and data theft. Safety. Changing trade patterns. Shifting global economies. And, of course, decarbonization is the shipping industry’s #1 challenge . Decarbonization requires efficiency technologies to be put into play, ports and ship operational logistics to be optimized, and carbon neutral fuels to become the norm. Importantly, customer demand for transparency is spurring the industry toward hybrid shipping and achieving vast decarbonization goals. Image used with permission of Norsepower Shipping markets are integral to global supply chains through transporting energy, commodities, and manufactured goods in huge volumes — nearly 80% of the world’s trade in physical goods. Yet the shipping industry burns the world’s dirtiest fuel to move cargoes and passengers around the world. It is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, accounting for up to 3% of global emissions and 10% of transport emissions . Shipping Has Entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution The International Chamber of Shipping’s 2019 Annual Review says a new era is upon the shipping industry due to “radical advances in communication and internet connectivity.” The organization sees the potential to drastically enhance the efficiency of maritime transport […]


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