Last year, Chevrolet took a 550kW electric Camaro hot rod to SEMA, so this year Ford brought Mustang Lithium, which boasts 671kW. That’s 900hp. Ford We don’t know how fast this will be at the drag strip, but I imagine the answer is "very." Ford Webasto supplied the batteries, among other odds and ends. Ford If you look carefully you might see the gear shifter because this is a manual transmission car. Ford Ford and Webasto plan to use the Mustang Lithium to test stuff like battery-management software. Ford The Chevrolet E-10 has about half the power of the Mustang Lithium, and it’s a lot slower, but that’s OK. Chevrolet Chevy is working on the idea of electric crate motors, and the E-10 is helping with that. Chevrolet A closer look under the hood. Chevrolet But what’s that in the bed? Chevrolet Why, a pair of battery packs from the Chevy Bolt! Chevrolet Previous Slide Next Slide This week, Las Vegas is playing host to SEMA, an annual trade show and celebration of the custom car. And although multiple reports claim that the show is nothing but wall-to-wall Toyota Supras , each different to the last, a pair of […]


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