New Zealand passes bill to be carbon neutral by 2050 New Zealand lawmakers passed a law Thursday that will aim to make the country carbon neutral by 2050. The bill had sweeping support and passed by a count of 119 to 1, NPR reports . "We have to start moving beyond targets. We have to start moving beyond aspiration. We have to start moving beyond statements of hope and deliver signs of action. That is what this government is doing and proudly so," Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said in front of Parliament. "We have made a choice that I am proud of, that will leave a legacy, and that I hope means the next generation will see that we in New Zealand were on the right side of history." The new law provides New Zealand’s government a foundation to create new climate policies that work towards the goals outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement. New Zealand’s 2050 goal is ambitious. By 2050, the country has to have reduced all greenhouse gases — except biogenic methane, emitted by plant and animal sources — to net zero. The island nation is already trending in the right direction, as it already produces […]


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