Not everyone is keen on the idea of an electric Ford Mustang crossover, but the Mustang Mach-E is definitely happening anyway. If you’re one of the naysayers, maybe you’ll like it better when you see all the photos and specs—which you’re about to do. Someone at Ford published what appears to be an early version of the reservation site for the 2020 Mustang Mach E late Thursday evening, which was brought to our attention by the folks inhabiting the Mach-E Forum . On the site are range estimates, charge estimates, and a target 0-60 mph time for the car that won’t be available to customers until late 2020. The site went down very quickly, in the course of us writing this post, but this ain’t our first rodeo. We took screenshots. While we fully expect the final specs could change between now and the car’s actual debut, and that the information you’re about to see could be a placeholder of some sort, here’s what we know: the Mach E comes in five trims, starting as low as the $43,895 Select model. It goes from there to the Premium at $50,600, onto the California Route 1 at $52,400, the limited […]


    • Glad to see there is already an “owners” group. Well maybe no owners yet but a few people have ordered. Looks like a decent car.


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