Judah Grubb Imagine walking down main street America and, instead of cookie-cutter chains, box stores and endless cars, you find a place full of exciting activity — pedestrians, regional food, local character and culture. "It’s all possible. You find it in cities all over the world," says Jeff Mendelsohn, founder of New Leaf paper, and more recently LocalCode, which supports the formation of healthy communities with thriving main streets. Danny Beesley, co-founder of Fab City Oakland, believes this future can be in full bloom by 2054 and that one of those vibrant cities will be Oakland, where business and civic leaders gathered in October for VERGE 19, GreenBiz Group’s annual conference and platform to accelerate the clean economy. Fab City is a global initiative with local participants who all pledged that by 2054 their city will make everything it consumes. Oakland joined the initiative in 2018 and Beesley and his team work to nurture the return of manufacturing to cities. Beesley and Mendelsohn were speaking as part of a panel focused on designing cities for circularity, a buzzword that often raises questions about what it really means. In an ideal, circular world (or city), waste from one sector becomes […]


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