Animal Circus – it’s a black mark in the human society. Many of you might be aware of how circuses used to work in the past. Even people with some unfortunate deformity were placed in cages and treated as display items. While human rights came forward to help these people, animals remained the main attraction of circuses. Elephants, lions, and tigers were kept in cages and trained to perform various tricks for the audience. It was an extremely cruel act and many animal activists have criticized these acts. And now, we are slowly moving towards a proper purging of circuses and their cruel acts. As more and more people voice their concern against animal use in circuses, circuses are getting rid of these animals. Many countries and states are passing laws against the use of animals in circuses. In 2018, New Jersey passed a strict law that banned traveling circus animals. Even the UK passed a ban against the use of wild animals in circuses. A wildlife conference helped them come to the decision that baby African elephants were not to be taken from the wild for zoos or circus-use. It’s called Nosey’s Law. Animal abuse is no longer […]


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