A few Peruvians have come together and started a project, Bio Plant which promises to reduce our dependence on plastics. They have succeeded in creating biodegradable dishes using banana leaves that can minimize our reliance on plastic products. It can make a huge impact on the environment as pollution from single-use plastic dominates the waste that has covered our land and engulfed our oceans. Every item made from a compostable material is one piece less of plastic added to the mountain range of that we have already piled up on this planet. And we are adding 8 million metric tons every year to that. It takes only 2 months for this versatile and innovative product to decompose. It breaks down totally at the end of 60 days. When you compare that to the 500 years it takes for the commonly used Styrofoam or polystyrene plates to decompose, that’s a priceless saving. These petroleum-based materials have already caused incalculable damage to our environment and we are yet to make any headway to minimize its use. The project has been financially supported by the Innovative Peru Program . They were able to make it by way of the Bio Challenge contest […]


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