Juli Bolaños-Durman’s Wild Flowers collection was created in collaboration with Jorum Studio. Hauser & Wirth ‘s Make gallery shows a collection of projects from seven different makers in an exploration of the enduring role of craft in the discourse around sustainable materials . The show, called Re-Use, Re-Think, Re-Imagine , features 54 pieces across disciplines from glass and ceramics to furniture , in order to showcase a wide range of possible approaches to the topic. Curator and director of Make gallery Jacqueline Moore told Dezeen that artisans have been exploring sustainability and new materials long before the recent trend. She chose projects that reflect this for the show. "Sustainability, environmental considerations and the exploration of new materials are themes which many makers have long been engaged with," Moore said. "Even before the more recent, topical concerns." "The exhibition seeks to continue and broaden the dialogue and to reveal new possibilities for materials, methods and techniques," she explained. With his project, designer Gavin Keightley seeks to replace not just the plastic in our products themselves but also in their production processes. In order to avoid using the synthetic moulds that are industry standard, he instead casts a series of textured […]


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