4028mdk09 – Regulation might deem that grapefruits in plastic is redundant… Provincial regulation would make stores’ waste-reduction efforts easier to manage. Individual stores in the province of Ontario, Canada, are responsible for coming up with their own plans for handling single-use plastics, including plastic shopping bags. Some have started charging a small fee per bag, or have replaced with paper. But as environmental concerns mount, there is increasing pressure to create municipality- or region-wide regulations for reducing plastic use, and a number of jurisdictions are working on this right now. It sounds like a good idea at first, but the Retail Council of Canada (RCC) is worried that it could result in a piecemeal solution that’s difficult for retailers to manage. What RCC wants to see implemented in the province of Ontario – and has explained in an open letter to Jeff Yurek, the Minister of Environment, Conservation, and Parks, sent earlier this month – is a harmonized approach to reducing single-use plastics . This is clearly an even better idea than leaving it up to individuals. As the RCC explained in a press release , its members want to go green – just without increased red tape: "Business […]


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