The Nolla Cabin Neste If you want to check out Airbnb instead of into a hotel, you won’t find a category for “sustainable” lodging. Zerobnb wants to change that, and has spent the past year nudging the popular Airbnb site to include a category for green choices. In the meantime, Zerobnb is curating its own list as part of a larger initiative. The people who developed Zerobnb are the same ones behind the Nolla Cabin , an A-frame home named after the Finnish word for zero and built with sustainable materials like local pine and plywood, as explained by Dezeen magazine . Zerobnb was created by Neste and inspired in part by an initiative called Think Sustainably. Think Sustainably is a service developed by Helsinki, Finland, that helps people choose more sustainable ways of living. It filters content from the city’s marketing site to suggest local sustainable services, such as restaurants, shops, sights, events … and places to stay. Neste is one of the world’s largest producers of renewable diesel, as noted by Adweek . “As Nolla Cabin had been a massive success both for Airbnb and Neste PR-wise, it was a natural evolution to combine the concepts behind […]


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