Trump’s latest gift to Big Oil : The bald eagle is an Endangered Species Act success story. But now 20 states and New York City are suing the Trump administration for rollbacks to the nation’s bedrock conservation law—even as we are losing species at a rate faster than any time since the dinosaur extinction 65 million years ago. Trump’s revised rules—which make it more difficult to protect wildlife, particularly from climate change threats—“appear very likely to clear the way for new mining, oil and gas drilling, and development in areas where protected species live,” The New York Times reports , even as a new poll shows that Americans would rather reduce oil and gas exploration than drill . (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons ) Audubon : The Endangered Species Act has a proven track record of success in providing a safety net that protects our most vulnerable wildlife. It has prevented 99 percent of the species under its care from going extinct, including America’s symbol, the bald eagle . But the White House has released new rules that weaken it . We should allow this critical law to continue to protect wildlife for future generations, not undermine it. >>> Urge […]


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