Refiloe Molefe grows everything from spinach to green beans and carrots. She also makes juices and sells her produce. (Delwyn Verasamy/M&G) Refiloe Molefe talks as she plucks out the weeds from her garden. “The nyaope boys from under the bridge don’t want to work too much,” she says. “If you let them work for longer than a day they think it’s punishment and they become angry. We try to build them up and get them away from the street.” She sits with her floral dress on the dark soil. “You know it’s only a weed when you don’t want it there,” she says, as she cleans one of the garden’s beds. “That’s the only definition of a weed. The plants that you don’t want there.” Anyone, from homeless people to students, can work in the garden in exchange for a cooked meal and gardening experience. Molefe runs a vegetable garden, or food bank, a project that was born when the City of Johannesburg donated an abandoned bowling green to develop into a communal garden. The garden, which is known as Bertram’s Inner-City Farm, has won numerous award, including the Mma-Tshepo Khumbane award. In 2007, Bambanani Food and Herb was […]


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