Words by Good News Network Denmark, with a landscape as flat as a pancake, might be a new whimsical destination for skiing, thanks to Copenhagen’s new power plant. That’s right. Last weekend in Copenhagen, an 8-year dream was realized when the first paying skiers took their runs down a one-third-mile course, wrapping around what is possibly the greenest power plant in the world. The plant is so clean and safe that designers were able to turn its building mass into a new hub for social life. A hybrid between a building and a landscape, the huge glass and mirrored structure contains planters covering the façade in a checkerboard pattern that might one day give the illusion of a green mountain from every direction. Copenhill , as it’s called, features ski-lifts on the outside and also a glass elevator for seeing the inner workings of how the city’s trash is transformed into both electricity and heating for more than 200,000 homes. The waste-to-power plant itself opened in 2017 under the name Amager Bakke ( Amager , for the island Copenhagen is on, and Bakke , the Danish word for “hill”). Bjarke Ingels is the architect whose company, Bjarke Ingels Group, […]


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