Depeswar Doley’s RS Automotive in Takoma Park, Md., is the first U.S. gas station to be fully converted to an electric vehicle charging center. Updated at 8:06 p.m. ET The electric car industry is expanding, and at least one business owner is capitalizing on that growth. RS Automotive — the first U.S. gas station fully converted to an electric vehicle-charging station — opened a month ago in Takoma Park, Md. A brand new blue and white sign reads EV charging, replacing where the dollar and cents gas price listings stood. From afar, the station’s electric chargers don’t look too different from their predecessors. Some drivers still think they can still fill up their gas tanks here. "A lot of them pull up and get upset," says owner Depeswar Doley. The honks, screeches and vrooms of morning traffic are going strong during a recent visit to the station, but Doley says business has been slow. Over the past week, there have been about eight to 12 charging sessions per day, according to Matthew Wade, CEO of the Electric Vehicle Institute. Still, interest is growing. Every week, Doley fields calls from gas station owners who are considering replacing their pumps with […]


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