Greta Thunberg may not have received this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, but her nomination reflects the work being done by countless youth around the world who have given the climate movement a new moral urgency. Young leaders – including Indigenous leaders – have been laying the groundwork for climate action for years, but increasingly it seems that the world is willing to listen. With hundreds of thousands of Canadians striking in support of the climate on September 27th, more and more people are talking about climate change as something that needs to be tackled here and now. But youth are not only striking and turning out in the streets. They are also turning up in court – suing their governments to prioritize their claim to a future over short-term profits. The same sense of urgency, the same demands to act on climate science, are being argued by their lawyers in countries around the world. A brief history of youth suing about climate change Kids have been suing for climate action for some years now. The best known, and perhaps best organized, is Juliana v. U.S. , or the Youth v. Gov case, filed by 21 youth plaintiffs (aged 12-23 […]


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