The team at Rayvolt are back with a new project that takes the ebike tech they have been building to the next level. They are launching a new line of e-bikes under the eXXite brand, starting with the futuristic X One that includes a built-in touchscreen display that adds meaningful new functionality. Specifically, the eXXite team has tapped into the accelerometer of the device to intelligently increase the amount of power put out by the motor when going up hills. On the way back down, the bike similarly senses the decline and increases the regeneration function, slowing the bike down more rapidly. The new patent-pending tech sounds like something out of a movie — if the company can deliver on the promise. In addition to the accelerometer, the X One also lets the rider pedal backwards to engage regen in a unique application that sounds neat. Whether it makes sense or not in real life, we’ll have to see what early owners think, but it seems like a step in the right direction. While it may be packed with new technology, the X One is still fundamentally a bicycle built around an aluminum alloy frame and carbon fiber fork, […]


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